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East is a word relative
East is a word relative to the West. Because the sun rises from the east, the east has the heat of life and the warmth of the life Online Cigarettes. The quietness and quietness under the chrysanthemums of the chrysanthemums, the ups and downs of the mountains and the ups and downs of the mountains, the "East Mountain" in the mysterious and elegant poetry of the purple gas, the idiom story There is a comeback Marlboro Cigarettes. There are Dongshan and Xishan in the same place. It is said that there are ancient temples in both places. It is a three-bedroom house in the old building of Dongshan Village. It is my earliest place to stay. Now I am sitting in the house, listening to the rain, hitting the sound on the rain curtain, it seems to be a percussion. If it is very difficult to fall asleep at night, it will cover the outside and the crowd in the daytime. The voice of the house in this downtown area is a bit quiet. Many residents living in this building have changed rooms. It cannot be said that this is a house. Previously, some people actually wanted to make the house empty because they were his first property. They didn��t rent for many years, but last year, maybe they couldn��t stand the rise in house prices, and eventually they sold the sixth floor and the seventh floor. Early, it is said that I moved to live on the island, leaving only one household with the first old owners like us. The old couple on the left side of the fourth floor is also the first batch. The two houses on the second floor are still there. Of course, the door has always insisted on the saying: "The distant relatives are not as close as the neighbors." They lived upstairs and downstairs, and they met each other for a long time. Naturally know each other's business. The owner of the sixth floor Cigarettes Online, the owner is an electrician, who has a problem with the lights and switches in the building, often find him, and he will help free repairs for the first time. If he goes upstairs, he can hear the greetings all the way. Because he and every family are very familiar with the old couple on the fourth floor Carton Of Cigarettes, they love to raise flowers and grass, and the balcony is red, green and lush. I had just married my daughter-in-law the year before, and soon the cry of the child��s aunt��s aunt came from the family. Recently, a child was kneeling at the door. If a female voice passed, it would be called ���̡���, the voice was intimate. Extremely, it is the closest to the door. Because the two children are only one year younger, they recognize their son and let the two children have a playmate. The dry son and the couple opened a barber shop. The business was excellent. The children were removed from school and they were tired of being in the same place all day. A few years ago, I spent more time in my family. The child is more obedient than his son Wholesale Cigarettes, and it seems like a son. In recent years, due to the tightness of homework, there are fewer time to play, but every weekend is a thunderous meal at home. As time goes by, it is time to say goodbye to this old house. Maybe a long time later, I will remember listening to it in Dongshan. On the rainy day, the afternoon raindrops, the raindrops drip rain curtains, the dust went away, leaving only the sound of the years, and the words left in my words.
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