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The system operates in degraded graphics mode
Hi everyone.
I installed linux (Ubuntu 12.04), with all its drivers. It worked well. But I need your help because last night he showed me "the system operates in degraded graphics mode: screen, graphics card, and input devices may not function properly. You must configure it manually. "It shows me" OK "and once I agree, it shows me" What do you do? ". He then shows me four options:
- Run degraded just for this session graphical mode.
- Configure the graphics settings.
- Fix the error.
- Exit to the console.
So what should I do? Thank you kindly help me because I can not use my computer.
I do not fear computers. I fear that we are lacking.
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I moved the discussion in the right place. Smile

Well now, I suppose, your video driver is altered. Then you can look at this link for correct your problem.
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